BusinessLine leased lines

More and more connections with direct Ethernet transfer are being used as a conventional dedicated line with synchronous transfer rates (equal upload and download speeds) for simple access to external systems for mission-critical applications. The possible bandwidths of our BusinessLine product are:

  • BusinessLine-E (2,5 - 100 MBit)
  • BusinessLine-E3 (34 MBit)
  • BusinessLine-STM (155 MBit - 2,5 GBit)
  • BusinessLine-GE (1 oder 10 GBit)

Even at lower bandwidths between 2.5 - 10 MB/second, our BusinessLine product offers advantages over the DSL connections that are sometimes ‘the same speed’ because higher service levels are possible and all Ethernet-based protocols can also be directly implemented on the connection. Direct Layer 2 connections are therefore possible and there is no MTU reduction, as a standard Ethernet frame of up to 1518 bytes at the very least and even VLAN Ethernet frames of up to 1522 bytes, if necessary, can be transferred.


  • IPv6 enabled
  • Fully managed CPE included (Cisco Systems)
  • 24x7 Monitoring
  • IPv4 and IPv6 addresses as needed
  • Stardard MTU 1500 Byte
  • Low latency
  • High availability, no forced interruptions
  • Optional service level enhancement
  • Optional Layer 2 version