BusinessLine Mobile - UMTS/HSPA

We can realise mobile Internet for specific requirements via GPRS, UMTS and its expansion HSPA. This solution is suitable for closed user groups and other areas in which a dedicated communications or security policy must be implemented as needed without any additional hardware or software. UMTS can thereby be equipped with fixed IP addresses or even integrated into a corporate VPN without a VPN client needing to be present on the system. Practical areas of application for this include things such as fleet management systems and courier/delivery services as well as inaccessible locations such as wind turbines.

UMTS is also available as an over-the-air backup for all other cable-based access products where more complex radio or laser connections are not worth the trouble. The possible bandwidths for UMTS with HSPA currently go up to 7.2 MB/second for downloads and up to 5.8 MB/seconds for uploads.


  • No cable required
  • Realization as Internet access or corporate network / VPN integration
  • Fully managed solution including CPE/router possible
  • SStatic IP addresses possible - suitable for servers