Domain management

A domain is a unique and unambiguous Internet address. We offer you a comprehensive range of more than 350 top-level domains (TLDs) from one source. We handle all of the business with the respective allocating institute. Secure your address and present your company on the Internet.

We handle the registration, operation and administration of your domain as well as the accompanying DNS service for you as a standard feature. Alternatively you can also operate your own official DNS servers and thereby take over the direct administration of your domain zones or even update your domain zones indirectly using our servers by means of a ‘hidden primary’ setup.

We will be happy to put our many years of experience in the domain business to work for you assisting you in handling even more complicated provider changes. Our domain services range from German ‘.de’ Internet domains to ‘.com’, ‘.net’ or ‘.org’ domains to the registration of domains in other countries (e.g. the ‘.ch’ domain for Switzerland) as well as other domains such as:


A .eu domain is indispensible for companies with a Europe-oriented strategy. There are still many good names available. Secure your European identity too! .asia domains


The .asia domain is a generic top-level domain. At least one of the four contacts of a .asia domain must be based in the region of Asia, Australia or the Pacific.


Internet dial-in via mobile phones is one of the most common ways of accessing the Internet these days. Those who want to take advantage of this potential must present their content in a way that is compatible with mobile devices using a .mobi domain. Those who miss out on this opportunity may be passing up major business opportunities.


.name domains have also been available since the end of 2003. Previously it was only possible to obtain third-level registrations such as, but now domains such as or are also possible.

.tel Domains

The new .tel top-level domain is an innovative service that enables companies and private users to provide their contact information directly via the global Domain Name System (DNS). The contact information can be located using keywords without having to operate your own website for this.