E-mail has now become the most commonly used method of communication in companies. It allows information to be exchanged and distributed quickly and easily. You will receive customised individual e-mail addresses along with your own domain so that you are communicating your name with every e-mail you send and are always available for your business partners and clients.


If you are not operating your own e-mail server, you can make use of our hosted POP3/IMAP e-mail products and immediately begin sending and receiving e-mails using the e-mail program of your choice. This product also includes a free web-based e-mail service you can use to read and manage e-mails simply using a web browser without needing an e-mail program to do so.


If you are already operating your own e-mail server, you can also make use of our SMTP forwarding product. We receive all of the e-mails for your domain and then forward them to your server. Your own server does not have to be able to be accessed by the entire Internet, leading to increased security for you.

VirusScan & SpamScan

We also offer an optional virus scanning and/or spam scanning service for the e-mail products described above. These services mean added protection from viruses and trojans and can significantly reduce the number of spam e-mails you receive. You can test out both services with us for a specified period of time (usually one month) at no cost and without obligation. Please contact us about a test period.

Newsletter relay

We can offer special relay servers for the distribution of newsletters and similar mass e-mails for clients with increased quantities of e-mails to be sent. This relieves the burden on your own e-mail server because it will not have to handle the time-consuming and resource-consuming time-out and re-sending phases for the thousands of e-mails to be sent. Our systems do not allow for unsolicited commercial e-mails to be sent. Therefore we can only authorise the use of this service for verifiable senders.