You can make use of our virtual web server to quickly post your own web presence online without needing to invest in hardware or plan system configurations. The websites are hosted on our Linux/Apache server systems. All of the common and necessary web standards such as MySQL databases and PHP are supported and our employees will handle the ongoing server and software updates. The redundant design of our servers using HAV clustering enables switchovers to be carried out in the shortest possible times if a fault arises or for any necessary servicing.

SSL Certificates

We can provide you with SSL certificates for your web presence or e-mail server quickly and easily. We work together with various certification authorities who offer fast execution and professional service for this. You just give us the key data and we handle the application and issuing of the certificates to you as well their setup and testing if necessary. We also take care of extending the certificates and provide assistance for server migrations.

Security Check Services

Want to know whether your IT infrastructure has weak points or causes of risk? Then make use of our know-how.

We will assess the current security level of your existing IT infrastructure and make use of professional methods of analysis and investigation to create a needs analysis that is geared toward you. We can quickly identify weak points within the framework of risk and threat analyses. Together with our clients we then develop suitable processes and give recommendations for a customised security concept that is tailored to you.

It is very important for us to have this service performed separately and independently of our own range of offered products. Only generally recognised analyses and recommendations will be carried out, providing you the client with complete freedom of choice regarding the evaluation.

Shared Firewall

Viruses, database hacks, malicious attacks and other threats are just waiting for the opportunity to attack your dedicated server. The pop-i Shared Firewall is the inexpensive and effective solution for protecting your data one step before your server. We at pop-i manage all of the firewall systems and keep you up to date. You the client can enjoy all of the advantages of having your own firewall without having to manage it yourself:

  • Updating the firewall rules
  • Carrying out regular backups and maintenance
  • Configuring the rules and authorisations to your individual requirements
  • A high degree of availability due to redundant hardware (firewall cluster)
  • Significantly lower initial costs than purchasing your own dedicated firewall solution

The Shared Firewall product is primarily geared toward server housing and co-location clients in order to limit access to the productive services of the housed systems. As a technology partner, we are currently using firewall systems from Cisco. Our Managed Firewall solution is recommended for site security via dedicated or DSL lines or the termination of VPN connections.


Shared rack / rack units

We can provide you with space in our data centre in the form of individual 19” rack units for the housing of individual systems. All of your systems will be housed here in shared racks together with other clients’ systems. You can select from different rates for this rack space depending on the amount of rack units to be occupied, the number and type of uplink ports required and the power consumption of the systems to be housed.

Dedicated Rack

A dedicated rack is a standard 19” rack and is available to one sole customer for free complete use. This product is also suitable for housing extensive IT installations or when you have to ensure that no third parties are allowed access to your systems. In special cases it is even possible to use various locks for the rack doors.