IP Transit

The IP Transit product is geared toward larger companies and organisations with a clear need to use more than one Internet service provider for reasons of performance or redundancy. This setup, also called multihoming and defined by the BGP (Border Gateway Protocol), provides the maximum possible independence for the client - firstly due to the connection to two or more Internet service providers and secondly due to the use of your ‘own’ IP addresses that do not have to be returned when changing providers (no renumbering). This requires a somewhat more complex setup than for a normal Internet access connection, however.

If you already have the Internet resources required for IP Transit (your own AS number as well as your own provider-independent IP addresses), we can offer you IP Transit as an optional supplement to many of our Internet access products. Naturally we can also provide you with assistance in applying for these Internet resources, as we are LIR and RIPE NCC members and have the required experience and capabilities for this.