Load Balancing

Load-balancing solutions are particularly well suited for very heavily used and permanently accessible Internet applications such as online shops, download servers, large Internet portals and corporate presentations.

Load balancing involves distributing access across at least two or more server nodes. The advantage of such a solution is that bandwidth can be scaled out on short notice at any time for increased access without any downtime. A good load-balancer setup also continuously monitors all server nodes. If a server node goes offline, it will automatically be removed from the distribution when load balancing. The use of load balancers also makes it possible to set certain server nodes as the preferred nodes for a specific service, i.e. a service can be distributed up to 70% to server A and up to 30% to server B.

In addition to load distribution, the high availability of the Internet application often plays just as important of a role. We therefore offer you the provision of redundant load-balancing solutions as well. Even if one of the load-balancer systems goes completely offline, all of the services can be immediately and automatically switched to another load balancer. Depending on the client’s requirements, we currently offer load-balancing solutions using KEMP Loadmaster or Brocade Server Iron systems.