Shared Firewall

Viruses, database hacks, malicious attacks and other threats are just waiting for the opportunity to attack your dedicated server. The pop-i Shared Firewall is the inexpensive and effective solution for protecting your data one step before your server. We at pop-i manage all of the firewall systems and keep you up to date. You the client can enjoy all of the advantages of having your own firewall without having to manage it yourself:

  • Updating the firewall rules
  • Carrying out regular backups and maintenance
  • Configuring the rules and authorisations to your individual requirements
  • A high degree of availability due to redundant hardware (firewall cluster)
  • Significantly lower initial costs than purchasing your own dedicated firewall solution

The Shared Firewall product is primarily geared toward server housing and co-location clients in order to limit access to the productive services of the housed systems. As a technology partner, we are currently using firewall systems from Cisco. Our Managed Firewall solution is recommended for site security via dedicated or DSL lines or the termination of VPN connections.