Network Design

In addition to conventional network configurations, we also carry out more extensive network planning for our clients within the framework of our consulting activities.

This includes the conception and commissioning of provider-independent multihoming networks. It connects a client’s network to the Internet using more than one provider in order to enable independence and redundancy. Our employees will accompany you from the initial appraisal of the situation through the planning and migration analysis to the implementation and handover. As a member of RIPE, we can directly apply for all of the resources required for this such as AS numbers, IPv4 and IPv6 IP addresses and provide them directly to our clients. Naturally we can also handle communications with other providers as well as the support of the systems as needed.

Furthermore, the field of network design also includes the conception and implementation of site networks and larger VPNs. Direct point-to-point lines, MPLS and IPSec are used as the basis technologies for this. Our employees will be your central contacts for all of your needs in this area as well.