Data centre

We strategically selected the site for our data centre on Wendenstrasse according to optimal conditions. This is where the world’s leading carriers are located in Hamburg. The servers in our data centre are given direct, redundant and broadband connection to the Internet. This guarantees optimal access times and a very high degree of availability.

Complex Internet, intranet and extranet presences with access to databases require a well thought-out server architecture, ideally on your own server housed in our data centre. The pop-interactive data centre has multiple Internet connection redundancies using various upstream providers and carriers. Our high requirements for server and network technology, security and performance offer our clients the best conditions for the implementation of their projects.

The latest technology, professional configuration and sensibly designed access management guarantee quality:

  • Housing and connection of individual 19” servers
  • Complete 19” rack units
  • Up to 1 GB/second delivery rate on the high-performance backbone
  • Guaranteed high degree of availability with optimal access times
  • 24x7 security monitoring by NMC and security service
  • Access protection by means of telephone login and additional PIN/token authentication
  • Video monitoring
  • Uninterruptible power supply / UPS
  • External emergency power supply using a diesel generator
  • Redundant climate control
  • Moisture and temperature monitoring
  • Fully automated argon extinguishing system
  • Server and system monitoring

Separate fire protection zone

In order to fulfil the most demanding requirements, pop-interactive also offers co-location space in a separate fire protection zone. In addition to various external connections, there is also at least one direct internal data connection between each of the separate areas. This infrastructural basis can be built upon to realise mirroring concepts and backup solutions, for instance.