Environmental protection

Naturally connected!

Green energy at all levels

Taking responsibility for the environment also means drawing electricity from renewable energy sources. We have already been using clean energy for the power supply in our business premises since 2005 and have been honoured as an environmental partner of Greenpeace Energy. We also hold shares in the company, which offers electricity exclusively from clean power plants without using coal-burning or nuclear power plants.


In the meantime we have also switched our data centre to using electricity exclusively from renewable sources. In collaboration with our energy provider, we were able to successfully implement this important step for us in January 2011.


Energy-efficient hardware

For many years we have felt obligated to contribute to the conservation of the environment and have been replacing high-polluting hardware with low-polluting hardware and are also focusing on new technologies such as virtual machines. Energy-efficiency is decisive to us for new investments. Against this backdrop, we have also subjected parts of our data centre to the city of Hamburg’s “ServerraumCheck” server room check:




Wir haben eine Namens-Patenschaft für diese neu entdeckte Forsch-Art aus Madagaskar übernommen. Mit unserer Spende an BIOPAT e.V. tragen wir zur Erforschung und Erhaltung der Artenvielfalt unserer Erde bei. Aus Dank für die Unterstützung der Forschungsarbeit in Madagaskar wurde ein Forsch nach uns benannt: Boophis popi.

Boophis popi

Mein Baum - Meine Stadt

This project is aiding the promotion that city  Hamburg should getting more green more trees. Totally 2639 trees could the city of Hamburg plant last year and more than 600 trees  were promoted.


Support for the Elbe BUND project

This project is aiding in the promotion of the renaturation of the Elbe, thereby ensuring the improvement of the environments for flora and fauna.


Joining with GLS Gemeinschaftsbank eG

Since 2009 we have been working with GLS Gemeinschaftsbank eG, whose socio-environmental orientation stands for the union of sensibility, profit and security. The company currently finances around 6,500 trendsetting projects. It works within a network of sustainably active companies and initiatives.