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pop-i goes green

We at pop-interactive GmbH view ourselves not just as a company that would like to be green, but one with a sense of obligation toward sustainability. We therefore consider sustainability to be a balance of economic, ecological and social issues characterised by our daily activities.

Hamburg – European Green Capital for 2011 - How is pop-i involved?


We concluded our switch to electricity from renewable energies right at the start of the “European Green Capital for 2011” project. We have been using carbon-neutral electricity from hydroelectric power stations for our data centres since 01.01.2011. Greenpeace Energy eG, a co-operative in which we hold the maximum possible number of shares, has been supplying our business premises with power for 7 years already.
This type of power supply leads to increased operating expenses, of course. As price increases were out of the question, technical measures would have to be introduced in advance in order to prevent any risk to the balance of operations.

The use of energy-efficient technologies

First a “ServerraumCheck” server room check offered by the “Unternehmen für Ressourcenschutz” (“Companies for Resource Protection”) association of the Behörde für Stadtentwicklung und Umwelt (“State Ministry for Urban Development and the Environment”) was carried out. Building upon these results, we are starting the 10-129-91-0 project. The numbers stand for a development path of the carbon emissions generated by pop-interactive GmbH. Within 10 months, the current-induced energy consumption of 129 tonnes will be reduced to 91 and finally to 0.
At the same time, we were also focused on ensuring the efficient implementation of energy consumption through the use of suitable and cost-optimised technologies, offering new technical challenges to the employees of pop-i and obtaining savings through sustainable application. The total of 37 energy-consuming server components in question and their accompanying data inventories were consolidated on the basis of just 4 server systems without local drives, a storage expansion by one shelf and the use of the “KVM” free open-source virtualisation platform. There was also the extra space gained from the use of a full rack.

Thanks to many years of sustainable human resources policies, pop-i has the sufficient number of required qualified employees with a high degree of motivation so that we were able to carry out the project on our own.
Step 1 was rapidly implemented and the annual carbon emissions were reduced by 38 t to 91 t.
Step 2, the reduction of carbon emissions to 0, was made possible by the significantly lower energy consumption of the technology being used.
The monetary benefits of this reduced energy consumption were sacrificed to socio-political responsibility.
A change to significantly more expensive carbon-free electricity from hydroelectric power stations reduced the emissions generated by pop-i to 0.

Environmental splitters

In the meantime, pop-i has joined the illustrious club of the Umweltpartnerschaft Hamburg (“Hamburg Environmental Partnership”) and may now make use of its logo.

We handle the vast majority of our banking transactions through GLS Bank, an institute that is also dedicated to sustainability.

We have obtained shared in IT-BACKBONE GmbH, a consulting firm for sustainable IT operation, and work closely together with them on many important issues.

pop-i also provides technical support for Initiative2Grad, a co-operation of notable companies who are convinced that they will be able to improve their competitive position through their orientation toward climate protection.

Last but not least, pop-i has become a sponsor of BIOPAT. Soon there will even be a species that is named after pop-i.